23 Hours of Sleep

“I’m feeling back to where I was…. I guess”

He slept for a total of 23 hrs pretty much straight.  I was able to wake him up a few times for a little chicken broth, to take his meds, and a few trips to the rest room.  At 9:30am this morning he sat up in bed and told me he felt fine.

What a relief! I was so worried that he was going to continue to feel horrible. He even went to work and was fine. We talked a little bit about preparing for the ups and downs as he goes through Chemo and his fear of getting the hiccups again.  I keep reminding him that at least we have pills for his next cycle and if they didn’t work we knew what would.

He also  ate well, not like he usually does because the one thing about him is that he can really put the food away.  But I keep thinking to myself at least he ate and he’s been really doing well with his water intake.

The one thing I did when we got the news that he “might”have Multiple Myeloma is that I immediately went into our kitchen and threw every thing way.  In a matter of days our Kitchen, which was usually stocked with is stash of chips, Swiss rolls and pork rinds, turned into a kitchen stocked with fresh fruit, veggies and organic snacks like raw nuts and goji berries.  Thankfully he is taking it with stride and actually eating most of what I’ve stocked.  I’m attempting to get rid of as many chemicals from our foods as possible.

Right now I just want him healthy and that’s it that’s all we ask for.


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