What’s with all the Snacks?

“This boils me….”

So what’s the deal with all the sugary processed snacks they have trays of at the Cancer Center???17580191_1486113161423490_969837515_n

This really boils my blood only because everyone seems to say that sugar feeds cancer. So why in the world would they have all this out there for patients mind you this picture is missing the trays of donuts that were also on the counter, along with soda’s coffee and juices.

Why can’t they provide some fruit like apples or bananas. I just think we need to rethink all the processed chemically laden foods we consume.  Don’t get me wrong we use to have the occasional snacks in the house and when we heard that my husband might have Multiple Myeloma I cleaned out all the junk food. Then when it was confirmed we turned up our efforts and now everything is organic I even removed all chemical based cleaners from our home.

I know we can’t full eliminate sugars and chemicals unfortunately everything is loaded in them but we can try to cut down as much as possible.  And in my opinion cancer centers should promote healthy eating.



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