We’ve Made it Through Week 2

“Thank God for Uneventful Weeks!”


We made it through week 2 of chemo rather uneventfully.  Although my husband did suffer another bout of hiccups we were able to stop them within a few hours of their starting.  We were worried we’d have a repeat of last week but for the most part the hiccups and him being extremely tried on Wednesday were the only effects he suffered this week.

I have noticed his eating has decreased considerably So I make sure to have fresh fruit and a wrap for him every night when he get’s home.  The doctor has decided that Monday when he has his chemo they will give him the steroids intravenously instead of having him take them by pill form.  They are hoping that will prevent the hiccups from reoccurring.

Aside from that I’m so grateful and just Thank God for Uneventful Weeks.  I hope we get more of them as we go along and that everything runs as smoothly as possible.



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