Chemo Day

It will never be the same but I’ll take normal…

Today was treatment day so we headed out early to the Cancer Center which thankfully is literally across the street from our house.  There always seems to be a long wait for them to take him to the back for his shot and today we were there for well over an hour.


This time they decided to give my husband the Dexamethasone intravenously instead of having him take the 5 pills in the morning.  They are hoping that he won’t suffer another bout of the hiccups.


So they set him up in a nice recliner in a room with a tv for him to watch while he had the I.V. flowing and it only took 20 minutes.  We of course were expecting it to take more time then that but it went by fairly quickly.


While we were there a woman who was sitting in the recliner next to us was so happy she was on her final treatment and was telling us all the things she planned on doing this summer that she had missed out on last summer.  We didn’t ask what type of cancer she had but I was just struck by the joy in her voice.  She had one surgery to go but she had gotten tickets for various ball games and was excited about going to buy a bathing suit that fits so that she could go to the beach.

I can’t wait till we get to the end of this treatment I know that he will always have this.  One of the shitty things about Multiple Myeloma it will always be a part of our lives although with any cancer I’m pretty sure it’s the same but I just want us to go back to something normal. It will never be the same but I’ll take normal I’ll take it as soon as it can come.


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