The Sky is Falling…

It’s been a bit since I posted we’ve had a few things happen.  So they found a lesion in his right hip and we were sent to the Radiation Specialist and an Orthopedic Doctor to discuss next steps to reduce the lesion, thankfully it’s small and is sitting on top of the hip bone.

Now I like the oncologist we are seeing I don’t have anything against her except her dark and dreary view of things.  So far basically our conversations with her and others have gone like this:

Her: Your prognosis is grim the outlook is 2-3 yrs.

All other Doctors: You’re doing great, no pain, only one lesion, handling chemo with little side effects, continuing to work! People live 10-20 and even longer with Multiple Myloma you’ll be fine.

Her: The lesion is rather large and the fear is that you’ll eventually break your hip, we need to add a rod to your leg and then do radiation.

All other Doctors: The lesion is small we will do radiation, no need for surgery we’ll just keep an eye on it to make sure nothing goes wrong, but you should be fine.

This is how most of our conversations go with the doctor that is handling his case.  Again I don’t think she’s not capable of doing her job I just think she’s overly exaggerating every things and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing at this point.  But as a result we agreed to have my husband get an IV infusion of Zometa to strengthen his bones and it basically knocked him on his ass for 7 days.  He could barely move from the pain finally a heavy dose of muscle relaxers and oxycodone made the pain bearable.   He also broke out in hives and basically is now refusing to allow them to redo the Zometa. We see Doctor Gloom on Friday and I’m sure she’ll try to talk him into taking it.

At this point he’s lashing out in anger and refusing to let them do anything without researching the side effects first.  Tomorrow we head to Yale to talk about the Transplant which he’s also now refusing to do.

Keeping my fingers crossed that we will be done with all this chemo business soon so we can somewhat go back to our lives as we know it.


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