Update June 29, 2017

We are preparing to have my husband’s stem cells harvested.  He is refusing to do the transplant he feels that if he does it he will not come through the other side healthy.  He says he just has this feeling that he should not do it.  So I have to honor his feeling although I’d like for him to have the stem cell transplant I know that sometimes you have to listen to your gut.  At least we got him to agree to harvest the cells and to have the stem cell transplant if his myeloma comes back strong.  We are hoping we can keep him in some kind of remission for a few years so we are hopeful.

The stress of all of this seems to have gone away in a weird sense, we’ve fallen into a pattern of life and it’s just become part of our everyday living now.  Thankfully we’ve also had great Doctors and support staff from the hospital to the nurse at our insurance company who sent us a lovely card this past week.

Financially things are hard since i’m not working due to my own health issues but we are plugging along doing what we can to keep ourselves above water.

Aside from all of that… things are well and we are continuing to do what needs to be done and trying to keep ourselves pushing along.


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