Giving News I Never Dream I’d Give.

"I feel physically sick, nauseated, dizzy, and so heart broken..." I never even imagined it would be this difficult to tell my husband's children about the diagnosis of cancer.  I feel physically sick, Nauseated, Dizzy and Heart Broken, and worse we had to send this information through an email because gathering them all together just … Continue reading Giving News I Never Dream I’d Give.


23 Hours of Sleep

"I'm feeling back to where I was.... I guess" He slept for a total of 23 hrs pretty much straight.  I was able to wake him up a few times for a little chicken broth, to take his meds, and a few trips to the rest room.  At 9:30am this morning he sat up in … Continue reading 23 Hours of Sleep

And it Begins

Today my husband had his very first treatment of Chemo. Our day started with his 10 pills of steriods along with all the vitamins I have him on. We then headed to the Cancer Center for a shot of Velcade SOLR and tonight he follows that with Revlimid and Acyclovir which he takes twice a day and has been taking since last week.